Observations I've made in the past few months...
  1. Line dancing
    It's the only kind of dancing most of us can do.
  2. Clapping at the end of movies
    Because how will Katniss and Peta know you've been cheering for them if you don't actually cheer for them?
  3. Going apple picking
    The easier the desk job/more glamorous the blog, the more we like to pretend to do manual labor.
  4. Treating their pets like a human baby
    "Bear is such a good boy sitting there in his high chair next to Char"
  5. Sperrys
    Because you never quite know when you will end up on a yacht.
  6. Correcting people on pronunciation of foreign words.
    "Actually Chile is pronounced Chee-lè, not Chi-lee"
  7. Buying organic food
    We haven't learned from the Great Chipotle Conspiracy of 2015.
  8. Self help books
    Donald Trump's personal favorite
  9. Multi-lingual children
    "Patricia is in dual immersion kindergarten, she's practically fluent in Romanian." (Side note: this would be my dream come true)
  10. Talking about how the book was sooo much better than the movie.
    "You saw the Martian? Did you read the book first? Oh, it's sooo much better than the movie; they leave the best parts out!"