Inspired by @TeganandSara
  1. The next big thing giving a private performance.
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    Have you heard of Say it Back? Probably not. But you need to because their covers are 👌🏽. And their faces are just as nice. Stay tuned for when they drop their next single.
  2. The roomies at the Temple Square Lights
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    Salt Lake City does Christmas right. Temple Square is the destination if you want to see a beautiful building surrounded by HUGE trees covered in lights. They spend months preparing and it pays off!
  3. This never a before seen pic of my family bawling sending my little bro off to serve an LDS mission for 2 years
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    This is a rarity for us as my family is usually v composed. But that was a hard/good day as we sent him off on his way! But I am so proud of him and his decision to serve for two years! If you'd like to learn why he is doing that, visit:
  4. My adorable nephew that I get to see TOMORROW.
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    He lives a 14 hour drive away and I don't get to see him nearly enough. Praise Christmas for getting all my favorite people under one roof!
  5. A chair that I really think my parents need in their basement.
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    They have lived in our house for NINE years and the basement is still just full of boxes of crap from our old house. I told them I would design it for them to take the stress out of finishing the basement. This is a battle that I am still fighting.