1. I'm working on something potentially life changing.
    The potential that it will drastically change my life is incredibly small, but it's still possible.
  2. I need short (like max 8 words) phrases that people would like to display.
    In their house, office, shed, car, idk, where ever people like words.
  3. I'm thinking pop culture-y phrases
    Like from songs, tv shows, movies, etc. - recognizable stuff.
  4. But anything will work!
    Here's a few I've come up with, but please PLEASE add some! 🙏🏽
  5. That's what she said -the office
  6. Young, Scrappy, and Hungry -hamilton
  7. May the odds be ever in your favor -the hunger games
  8. Beyoncé Pad Thai - the mindy project
    My gif and image search stopped working!
  9. You're My Lobster - friends
  10. How you doin'? - friends
  11. Don't let the muggles get you down - Harry Potter
  12. Mo money mo problems - the notorious B.I.G.