These would all be from the past six months. Inspired by @kaitlynvella
  1. The one with two popped tires
  2. The one where they get stuck in a blizzard
  3. The one where they crashed an NBA player's party
  4. The one where Amy dates an NBA player
  5. The one with the attacking pigeons
  6. The one with the escaped Python
  7. The one where Amy sees Star Wars
  8. The one with Bob Ross on a Friday night
  9. The one where Amy doesn't know they know
  10. The one at Bear Lake
  11. The one with the shut down
  12. The one where everyone thinks they know but they do not know
  13. The one with the Harry Potter obsession
  14. The one where they are a harem
  15. The one with the midnight jam session