Following up on my list Goals for 26! Goals for 26!
  1. 2. Use my passport
    My drivers license expired on my birthday and like an idiot, I forgot that was happening until my birthday so it said it would take 6-8 weeks to mail me a new one. And then my parents gave me a trip to California for Christmas so I had to use my passport as ID! Not the way I expected, but I'll take it!
  2. 3. Read a book a month
    I read Good As Gone, Nothing to Envy (well, listened to this one), and The Sun is Also a Star
  3. 4. Go to the gym 3 times a week
    December was a struggle for the gym but I've done pretty good in January!
  4. 5. Sew a quilt
    Took my quilt home over Christmas to make my mom help me lay it out. Started sewing it and ran out of white thread. Finally got more thread but haven't gotten back to it.
  5. 6. Open an etsy shop (sneak peak👇🏽)
    I made my shop page! I'm working on finishing up my items and then I'll get them up and get to selling! If you wanna help a sister out, you can comment on this list: Favorite phrases (no one has yet and it's making me feel real bad)
  6. 9. Save a specific amount of money
    I decided how much (and then forgot what I decided so made it up again) and I've made a budget that *hopefully* I will stick too. As long as I keep myself away from online shopping.
  7. 10. Decide what I want to do with my life/ career
    I'm thinking about doing a part time coding program. But I really have no idea if I would like it. Anyone out there do coding??
  8. 11. Downsize my wardrobe
    I did a hardcore purge on my wardrobe to pare it down. Then I signed up for a wardrobe challenge for January with a blogger that I have a lot of similar clothes to already. I bought some new things, but a lot of them I'm going to take back since I don't love them. And I'm in that mood where I don't want to buy anything so that's great 🙌🏽
  9. 12. Try a new vegetable every month
    I tried turnips. Pretty much taste like nothing. Sorry to disappoint you, Michelle 😔
  10. 14. Volunteer
    I started volunteering at the children's hospital!
  11. 16. Wake up on time
    I've been great at waking up on time! I have to go to bed at 10:00 to do it though so I have lost my social life. Was on time to work every day the last two weeks!
  12. 17. Have a better attitude about dating
  13. 21. Take a picture everyday
    Maybe have pics of 1/8 of the days...
  14. 25. Make a list every month about the status of these goals
    Lookie here 🤗
  15. 26. Only eat out once a week and when I do, go to new restaurants! 12 new restaurants this year!
    Finally tried the Chinese restaurant like 5 min from my apartment! Turns out it's delicious and I want to go there for every meal