1. I think we can all agree that 2016 has been an interesting year to say the least. Not the best for most of us. I would say I'm glad to see it end, but I'm scared for what 2017 will bring. ANYWAY, my church has a campaign called #lightheworld. It's basically about doing service for others every day until Christmas. Whether you are religious or not,
    I encourage you to try and serve and make someone's day better everyday this month! I'm using this to hold myself accountable. I've posted the suggested area of service for each day and I'll add what I do. Follow it, don't follow it, it doesn't matter how you serve, just serve! (I'm not trying to push religion on anyone, just kindness!) After all the crap that happened this year, let's go out on a high note! Let me know what you choose to do!
  2. December 1: Lift another's burdens
    I donated winter clothes to Catholic Community Services for refugee children in my area.
  3. December 2: Honor your parents
    Posted this picture of us on Instagram with some of the awesome things they have taught me. The older I get and the more people I interact with, the more grateful I am for the kind of people they are.
  4. December 3: Help others to see (see physically, see potential in themselves, etc)
    I had to renew my drivers license and there was an option to donate to Friends for Sight. So I did.
  5. December 4: Worship how, where, and what you may
    Went to church with my roommates
  6. December 5: Heal the sick
    I've been wanting to volunteer at Primary Children's Hospital for awhile, but I never got around to filling out the application. So today I finally did! I'm applying for the front desk, gift shop, kids clubhouse, and rehab clinic! Hopefully I get one!
  7. December 6: Read scripture
    My favorite scripture, Joshua 1:9. I get discouraged and afraid of doing things a lot but this is a great reminder that the Lord is with me and guiding my life.
  8. December 7: Feed the hungry
    Gave a man standing on the corner a box of granola bars.
  9. December 8: Pray for others
    My cousin had surgery so I prayed for her and the doctors.
  10. December 9: Visit the lonely
    I visited my parents! They are now empty nesters and while I wouldn't exactly classify them as lonely, I think they enjoy having someone else to talk to and some noice in the house!
  11. December 10: Help people walk
  12. December 11: Minister to children
    My application to volunteer at the children's hospital was accepted! I am so excited!
  13. December 12: Teach others
  14. December 13: Show humility
  15. December 14: Clothe the naked
    Went through my closet and mercilessly cleaned it out to give to charity.
  16. December 15: Worship through song
    My FAVORITE Christmas songs are from The Forgotten Carols. It's all about Christ's birth.
  17. December 16: Show compassion
  18. December 17: Care for your mother
    I'm gonna apply this one to my grandmother. She turned 90 this month and I made a video for her of all my cousins saying happy birthday. We are all spread out and I have 25 cousins + spouses + kids. So it was long. But she loved it.
  19. December 18: Honor the Sabbath
    Went to church and then a big family get together for my grandma's birthday!
  20. December 19: Calm the storm
  21. December 20: See potential in others
  22. December 21: Forgive others
  23. December 22: Show gratitude
  24. December 23: Be a peacemaker
  25. December 24: Care for your loved ones
  26. December 25: Follow Christ/ Mohammad/ Buddha/ the Dali Lama/ whoever you believe in that teaches to be good in the world.