My family has been going to Zion for spring break almost every year for about the past 15 years. I no longer have spring break, but I don't care because this place is too beautiful to pass up.
  1. I convinced my brother to let me take my niece on the Emerald Pools hike.
    He was opposed as he thought she would whine and just want to be carried the whole way.
  2. It's amazing what kids will do when their parents aren't there
    And when you give them fruit snacks.
  3. She walked the whole 2 miles because she was so excited to see the waterfall.
    And her joy at walking behind that little thing was the best thing I've ever seen. She told me multiple times "This was the best day everrrrr" and the shuttle back to camp.
  4. And I just think this picture of her and my dad is adorable.
    Ok, maybe this list should just be called "I am obsessed with my niece"
  5. Ok, but now just look how beautiful this hike is.
  6. Static
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  11. The next day we did Observation Point.
    It's the one hike in the park that we hadn't done before.
  12. I wish it was easier to see the waves in the rocks
    The river did some seriously awesome stuff to these rocks.
  13. You can see the waves better in this picture
  14. Static
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  16. SO many different landscapes on this hike!
  17. Just a sneak peak of the view
  18. My pops and I at the top.
    Just look at that canyon behind us! The tallest point in Zion.
  19. That mountain you can see in the foreground is Angels Landing.
    If you were wondering...I also happen to love that hike and the perilous drop-offs.
  20. I just love this place.
    Everyone needs to go! At least once. It is my favorite national park in Utah.
  21. My krew.
    With Watchman in the background. Take me back!