1. My roommates and I are going to Maui next month. None of us have been and we are still trying to decide what to do.
  2. So I am enlisting the help of my favorite community!
  3. We have thought of a few things we want to do, but let me know any additional must do's or if there's anything to skip! Or do you know the best company to do any of these things with? Also we are poor so cheapest prices (without being a cheap experience) would be AWESOME.
    Ps we are staying on the north-west side
  4. Sunrise bike ride down Haleakala
    Am I going to die?
  5. Snorkeling
    Should we go to Molokini? We are all beginner snorkelers. Would we be just as happy going at free beaches?
  6. Luau
    Are they worth the cost? Which one is best?
  7. Surfing
    I've never done it, but I want to! Do we need to do a lesson?
  8. The road to Hana
    What is the best way to do this? Drive all the way to the top and then stop on the way down? How carsick am I going to get?
  9. Those are our top 5. What are we missing? What is over rated? Give me all your knowledge!
  10. Oh also any places we have to eat? We've been told food is hecka expensive and to bring as much as we can, but what do we have to hit up?
  11. Thanks in advance for all the awesome advice I am sure to get!
    You guys really are THE. BEST. 😘
  12. I'm going again next week have waterfall repelling and ziplining booked! Also look up hike to heart shaped rock and try eating at the gazebo best macadamia nut and banana pancakes ever!
    Suggested by @jmewants2travel
  13. I've never been to Maui but have been to several luaus on Oahu and loved them. I would say it is worth the money! It's one of those unique experiences you only get in Hawaii.
    Suggested by @jenward
  14. Da Kitchen & Moose McGillycuddy's
    http://dakitchen.com/ - great place for local food! Also Moose has a great happy hour!
    Suggested by @jaderyan21