In my church we have Young Single Adult congregations. Everyone is 18-31 and not married (obvi). I've been asked to send out a weekly email to everyone in my congregation to let them know what activities are happening during the week. I do a different theme each week. It is truly some of my best work, so I thought I'd share.
  1. Tonight at we're going to become Farmers Refuted and work on the ward (congregation) garden. Meet Me Inside the softball fields at 7:00. If you walk over and there's a car coming when you are crossing the street, be willing to Wait for It. There will be pizza and plants so bring yourself and your Right Hand Man and That Would Be Enough
  2. On Wednesday, we have an opportunity to help the Helpless at St. Vincent de Paul soup kitchen at 4:30. You'll leave feeling Satisfied helping people Stay Alive and You'll Be Back when it comes around One Last Time. Let Jake or Alyson know if you can make it!
  3. What Comes Next? After we had a Take A Break week, we are back to softball! History Has It's Eyes On You because Winder teams Blow Us All Away. A Team plays at 6:30 and B team plays at 7:30. Austin will be there making hot dogs Non-Stop. He'll try not to let them Burn. You can't Say No To This.
  4. Men, make it to church on Sunday because our ward has the Best Of (future) Wives And Best Of Women and you probably want them to be able to say I Know Him. There will be excellent lessons, maybe on the Ten Duel Commandments? Sunday night there will be a fireside. The chapel is The Room Where It Happens.
    7:30 is the time. We will hear from Terryl and Fiona Givens, the authors of "The Crucible of Doubt" and "The God Who Weeps". Make sure you are there so you don't have to ask What'd I Miss and make someone tell you The Story of Tonight.
  5. Lastly, some words to inspire you this week Just like your country, be young scrappy and hungry and don't throw away your shot. Also, The World Was Wide Enough.
  6. *When playing Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story, I'm going to pick Lin Manuel Miranda to tell my story. A special thanks to him and the music of the Tony award-winning musical Hamilton for making this Week on Fleek possible. *