Inspired by by @tweedledee and @solena
  1. Brigham Young University Football
    It's the only team I care about but I care about them passionately. When I was a freshman and people asked me why I decided to go to BYU I told them football, I still don't understand why they were appalled.
  2. BYU vs U of A
    This game specifically. This weekend. In Arizona. My first away game, and I get to visit my niece and nephews (and brother and sister-in-law) that live in Arizona that I never get to see! And my brother and sister-in-law and nephew that live in California are coming! Best. Family. Reunion. Ever.
    Going to Hawaii for my first time ever in September! I can't think or talk about anything else. Get me to Maui, baby!
  4. Girls trip
    I have a work conference every September in St. George, Utah. Since everyone else brings their spouse, I bring my mom! We go see a play at Tuacahn, eat all the food, and enjoy the last days of summer. (I tried to find a pic of me and my mom but all I could find is this creepy face swap)
  5. My little brother has been on his LDS mission for 1 year!
    One year down, one year to go! If anyone lives in Glendora, California, be nice if you see him walking or biking around! Actually, do me a favor and be nice to the kids walking around with black name tags wherever you are! They're all pretty great.
  6. I'm on vacation basically all month which means I'm going to be at work only a few days all month 🎉🎉🎉
    The conference only half counts as work.