I'm rereading and it's got me thinking...
  1. About the first time I experienced the Harry Potter universe.
    For me it was the books, for others it may be the movies, theme parks, video games, etc.
  2. And I wanna know how everyone started on this journey of no return!!!
  3. I first read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on Thanksgiving of 1999 (I think)
    In my memory it was 1998, but looking at the publishing timeline, I think it was probably '99. My family always played basketball at my aunt's school on thanksgiving. I was the only girl there and being eight, I didn't participate in the actual games. So during that time I went to my aunt's classroom. She told me about Harry Potter and let me borrow a copy. I sat on the steps of her school and read and read and have really never stopped.
  4. In 1999 my family went on a vacation with my cousins to the Poconos. My aunt bought me the first book and I tore through it. Book three had just come out so we went and got Chamber and Azkaban. I remember being completely enthralled but having no clue that I was reading the books/series that would have the most impact and influence on my life. ⚡️
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  5. My dad gave me the first book to read one summer, no idea what year except that book 4 was already out (looked it up, was probably 4/5th grade). I sat in my closet and read it (idk why it was so hot in there) and then raced through the 2nd one. Then I read the 4th one because my dad had lent the 3rd one to someone and I was too impatient to wait...
    I had no idea who Sirius Black was
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  6. I wasn't allowed to read then as a child (strict religious upbringing). At 19, the kids I babysat were watching one of the movies and I thought it was absolutely beautiful. I went and bought the first four the next day. I was mesmerized.
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  7. I read the second book first & was very, very confused :)
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  8. I'm reading it for the first time in my life... Right now. (It's changing everything in my life) 🙉⚡️
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  9. I read Sorcerer's Stone in early '99, after a friend suggested it. I was 37, and soon after read it again chapter by chapter at night to my children, who were then 5 and 7. This continued as the first four books were released over the years; we read the fifth book in the car while driving to and from Yellowstone. By the final two books the kids...
    ...were too old to let me read to them. Sigh. (They read the books too, but we insisted they let us read the books to them first so we could enjoy together.)
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  10. I read sorceror's stone in third grade in 2000. Remembered being pretty confused by the beginning in particular. Then when the movie came out in 2001, I binge read the books (the first four were out) in a couple of weeks in December. It was amazing.
    Also like every other kid in class was doing the same thing! I remember our principal remarking how huge Goblet of Fire was
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  11. My 2nd grade teacher was obsessed with HP. He read the first three books out loud to us. He'd set aside time every day to read it and we loved it. He had a pet fish named Norbert after Hagrid's dragon. He had cardboard cutouts of the book covers in his classroom. He even bought us all paperback copies of The Chamber of Secrets for Christmas...
    I still have mine! The first movie came out that year and I saw him at the theater opening weekend with his own kids and he looked so happy. After the books got super popular it became controversial to teach them in class so he had to stop shortly after our year with him. He's the reason I love HP and just reading in general. He was the best ❤️
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  12. In 1999, my 3rd grade teacher read the Sorcerer's Stone out loud to us with special voices, accents, and everything. We did activities in all of our classes related to Harry Potter for weeks and we were all obsessed.
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  13. I started reading them when I was 11 and didn't think much of the age coincidence until part of the way into the first book. I am and will always be obsessed with this series
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  14. I resisted reading these due to having read some other (badly written) popular children's books. My students kept recommending HP to me. One day I recommended a different book to a student. He said, "I'll read your book if you'll read Harry Potter." I took his copy home that day.
    I read it that evening and asked him for the 2nd and 3rd books the next day. After finishing those, I had to wait with the rest of the world for the release of the others.
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  15. I was 7 and it was 1999. My parents bought the first book for me on vacation and we started reading aloud. We ended up reading all of the books together. By 2004 my brother was 5 and we started reading aloud to him as well. We also owned all of the movies... Harry Potter is a major nostalgia thing for me. So much family bonding!
    I was actually just reflecting on this the other day because I am currently re-reading the series (hoping to finish by the time I get the script of The Cursed Child in July).
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  16. Summer of 2000. I had just graduated high school. Was dating a girl who was a big fan of the books and she convinced me to read them. Read "Sorcerer's Stone" & "Chamber of Secrets" back to back and liked them. But when I later read "Prisoner of Azkaban" that's when I fell in love with the series.
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  17. I remember when I was really little I kind of wasn't allowed to like Harry Potter. My older sister had tried to read them as a 6/7 year old and they freaked her out so she hated the series for a while. I did too because she was my older sister, ya know. I was probably like 4/5 ish but still.
    I remember she would play games with her friends where they sabotaged JKR (😱 can you believe it?) before she had a chance to write the story. I have a very clear memory of probably being around 6 and watching a trailer for the next HP movie and thinking "lame"! Thank goodness that didn't stick! My whole family got into them when I was around 2nd grade and I read the 7th in third. ❤️
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