You know about all the awesome outdoor activities Salt Lake City offers, but what about the food?
  1. #1- Utah specific chains
    These can be found all throughout the state, but are still pretty unique (they are starting to spread outside Utah)
  2. Zupas
    Soup, salad, sandwiches. They are delightful when you want to feel like you are eating healthy but still get about 1,000 calories. 😬 Every meal comes with a chocolate covered strawberry so, worth it.
  3. Cafe Rio
    Dare I say the most popular and delicious of Utah chains. It's (American) Mexican food. Their pork is to DIE for.
  4. #2- Restaurants with one or less than a handful of locations
  5. Red Iguana
    If you want legit Mexican food, Red Iguana is the best place in Utah for that. There is ALWAYS a line out the door, but the secret is to go to Red Iguana 2, which is just a couple blocks away, but fewer people know about it. Still a wait, but not near as long. They are famous for their mole.
  6. The Roof
    One of the nicer (but still doable) restaurants we have. It's a buffet, but not your typical sketchy Vegas buffet. The prime rib is out of this world. And thinking about the dessert buffet is making my mouth water. The view also cannot be beat. It is on the top floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building and it's windows look out onto the LDS temple.
  7. Bruges
    This is a Belgian restaurant with waffles and frites. They have waffle sandwiches, waffles with fruit, and dessert waffles. Pretty much you could eat here for every meal and be happy.
  8. Gourmandise
    A European bakery with sandwiches, pastries, cakes, breads, etc. Last time I was there I got the Brie Bacon Grilled Cheese (Brie, bacon, apple butter, on cranberry walnut bread 😍) and passion fruit cake 😍
  9. The Pie
    The most popular location is underground by the University of Utah. If you want an extra cheesy pizza the size of a small child, this place is for you.
  10. Crown Burger
    We love our meat and grease, and this place provides. They are famous for their Crown Burger which is two beef patties with pastrami piled on top. I was scared of this burger for about 24 years, but I had it for the first time last year and it was actually delicious!
  11. J Dawgs
    This one isn't actually in Salt Lake, but there is one just south at Thanksgiving Point. It is just what it sounds like, hot dogs. They have beef and polish and a handful of toppings. But the best thing is their special sauce. I could drink that stuff it's so good. It started in a little shack by Brigham Young University and has become 4 full restaurants.