Titles of very inappropriate lists I must make. Please feel free to participate
  1. Food in my house, that expired over 2 years ago.
  2. Camping supplies
  3. All the ingredients to make crystal meth.
  4. Party supplies for a sister wife's third child gender reveal celebration.
  5. Step by step instructions on how to make a soufflé.
  6. How to be the worst backseat driver.
  7. What not to say to a deaf Japanese exchange student.
  8. How to prepare for an authentic Kwanza feast.
  9. Vip guest list for Meryl Streep's funeral.
  10. How to hire a coyote to smuggle you into Canada.
  11. Ingredients for coloring Easter eggs.
  12. Daily habits to improve tooth enamel.
  13. Advice for school shooting survivors with PTSD.
  14. Movies not for people with epilepsy.
  15. Text messages under the influence of ambian.
  16. Best nude pics sexted from my Tinder.
  17. A guys guide to proper tampon use, for their wife with no arms.
  18. Proper CPR instructions for sumo wrestlers.