2. "They should invent a textmail/voicemail service that you can put on your phone that will automatically respond when you're unable to (I.e. You're driving, in class, in a meeting...)"
  3. "He's going to be winning MTV awards while you're still the local weather girl."
    A quote by Melissa Joan Heart in Drive Me Crazy - I feel overwhelming pride every time I hear someone mention MTV
  4. "The wheels still turning but the hamster is dead"
    TBH, IDK.
  5. "Titles for Brussels Movie -begging you for Brussels -Brussels: brick by brick -do you believe in Brussels? -breakfast in Brussels -begging for Brussels -bilingual in Brussels -breaking in Brussels"
    If Mary Kate and Ashley ever do a movie in Brussels...
  6. "I want to punch his face into the wall right now. Into the wall. Into your bathroom. Onto the ceramic floor."
    Virtual note passing when the person you're talking about is in the room
  7. “You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.” ― Winston C
  8. "838MB1 white with red. Crossover baby blue."
    That one time I thought someone was stalking me outside my home so I took down the car info incase I needed to alert the po-po.
  9. "hello ali helloi hi katzhello i am typouibg in my ipoaf right now"
    When I purchased a keyboard for my iPad and felt like a damn baller and had to alert the co-workers
  10. "It's my friends 21st birthday!! (We are American!!) and she would love to dance to Die Young by Kesha! Can you play it?!"
    When you're at a club and it's too loud to request a song so you type it to show the DJ...