Just a low quality collection of the screenshots I took while chatting with @mess a few weeks ago
  1. They only get better from here
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  2. Mm
    621df152 fa63 4c69 8c1b b9d344728c5e
  3. This was at midnight people
    E364cd52 441a 4a04 8adb c16811df1606
  4. Super flattering of both of us
    D1274f19 fd8f 4510 b1c4 6a43aa49ea8f
  5. And then this happened
    09cc34b7 29ea 41ca abf2 bacdd257a601
  6. What was poppin' here
    Fdede722 5903 45a4 bd1e 2c7533851ef3
  7. Oh me
    48daa560 bc13 427c a9f6 d0057119ccbd
  8. Oh my
    9a9300c3 52bb 47d4 b4ca 9f3bf42e1f49
  9. Walrus
    B46243f0 5e25 4783 990f 63b5b272bac0
  10. Whoopsie
    0f53cd50 c35f 4f17 ac56 4c3d65b8a88f
  11. Fashion
    361412c3 e435 4d2d 919f 8024253b3eb5
  12. It's a process
    Dfca7e7b 8041 42a8 99a8 366547f56841
  13. Spiritual
    1cdd59a8 9dd4 4e83 8c08 e930a14b3d43
  14. How I'm sure you feel after viewing this list
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