This list was made as a birthday countdown by @mess for my birthday which was on Wednesday! I added to this list each day as I opened the assigned envelop/package. Thanks babe, you're the best friend ever.
  1. Introduction to the wrapping paper
    + bonus paper crane
  2. Nice choice, Allison (possibly my favorite part of the gift???) oh and will ya look @ my new profile picture
  3. 20 days
    Today. Allison surprised me with this AWESOME box full of envelopes for each day until my birthday. She folded 4 stars in patterned paper (1 point of a star for each day until my birthday). Slam dunk, my friend. Slam dunk.
  4. 19 days
    Allison gave me this fabulous mixtape. I think it's true love
  5. 18 days
    Yay now I don't have to feel guilty about eating your food because you made the choice to give it to me for free muahahah
  6. 17 days
    You complete me. These are actually the best post-it's ever. And the notecard is now up on my wall.
  7. 16 days
    I jammed hard to this playlist--I mean mixtape-- whilst cleaning my room today. I appreciate you 💕
  8. 15 days
    Points on the stars = number of days until my birthday + chocolate!
  9. 14 days
    Ok these "mixtapes" are so cool I love them
  10. 13 days
    Let's be honest I'm not going to be doing math in here or any other place.
  11. 12 days
    HANDMADE OFFICE STICKERS. This, Allison, is my favorite gift.
  12. 11 days
    Ok so the backstory is my first name is Carolyn, and Allison is always fascinated by it whenever a teacher calls me by it while taking attendance. So she made me a little name tag <3
  13. 10 days
    Points on the stars = number of days until my birthday!
  14. 9 days
    Not gonna lie, I think I mixed up some of the gifts with their days after 10 days 😁. Also this is an amazing mix because it has some of my favorite bands on here.
  15. 8 days
    One scoop of Jersey shore ice cream please :)
  16. 7 days
    "Polaroids" from Allison's birthday party earlier this year
  17. 6 days
    Office character stickers and a soft bag to put so many things in WHAT SHOULD I PUT IN IT FIRST??
  18. 5 days
    Points on the stars = number of days until my birthday!
  19. 4 days
  20. 3 days
    Final mixtape :')
  21. 2 days
    Ok so backstory is that I've never been to ikea and Allison is so obsessed with it that she wants a tramp stamp with its logo.
  22. 1 day
    Polaroid film + collage of ugly faces of mine 💕
  23. Happy birthday to me
    These archaic pictures of us in 7th grade with a sweet card. It truly was a happy birthday :)
  24. Thank you so much Allison! This was a amazing gift, I owe you so much.