1. Singing Taylor Swifts, "You Belong With Me" as loud as you can with another girl in the car
  2. Cold cereal at 1 am
    Preferably Apple Jacks or Lucky Charms, just as long as it's packed with sugar and artificial flavoring
  3. Only eating french fries at Red Robin
    They shouldn't make them bottomless. I take full advantage of them. I don't feel bad. "Oh nothing for me, thanks. But can we get some more fries and a couple of things of ranch. Thank you."
  4. The first few seasons of Glee
    The songs are so good and there's soooo much drama. I hate myself.
  5. Eating half the cookie dough before you bake the cookies
    Most of the time I just end up feeling sick and don't even finish baking them
  6. Pretending you're on a cooking show when you're making a meal
    "Hi guys I'm Rachel Ray, and today we're going to cook up something you'll really enjoy!" What. *chops carrots as fast as I can*
  7. Bumping Womanizer by Brittany Spears
    "Womanizer, woman-womanizer you're a womanizer"
  8. Dancing in front of the mirror before I get into the shower
    Then end up thinking that you'd really have to have a rockin bod to be a stripper. Should probably work out some more.
  9. Crying in the shower while listening to a really sad song
    Normally something like Last Kiss by TayTay Swift or Dear John, sometimes I'll put on Let Her Go by Passenger. Never gets old.
  10. Online shopping and adding everything I like to the bag like I'm going to get it, knowing I'll never actually buy it
    And my total comes to $5,456.34 no biggie
  11. Going into open houses, taking a bunch of cookies and leaving
    They shouldn't put free cookies out in the open if they don't want people to take them with no interest in the house.
  12. Putting clothes on as fast as you can after they get out of the dryer, when they're still warm
  13. Taking long drives to the middle of nowhere while singing along with all the songs on your iPod
    Normally I go with a strict playlist of NSYNC, 5sos, my One Direction bbs, and obviously Katy Perry. Don't feel guilty about her though.
  14. Playing The Biebs and pretending he's singing songs about me in his tiny prepubescent voice
  15. Pretending like you forgot a mean girl from high schools name
    "Oh you're right we did go to high school together! I'm so sorry, what's your name again?"
  16. One Direction
    Don't pretend like you have sung every word to "What Makes You Beautiful" at one point