Podcasts I'm Currently In to

  1. The Great Debates
    If you take anything from this list, take this. You'll fall hard for these guys. They tackle such topics as, "There are over 90 gay dentists in Nebraska" and "Fresh cut grass is a top five smell." Riveting.
  2. WTF
    If you're a comedy nerd, you're probably already knee deep in wtf. It took me a while not to despise Marc. Now, I feel like it's free therapy. I've mostly been listening on YouTube. The podcast is him interviewing people in showbiz.
  3. Unqualified
    Ana Faris is really charming and funny and she has a lot of great guests. The episode with Justin Long is probably my fave.
  4. How Did This Get Made?
    These guys are hilarious. Hearing them pick apart the fast and furious movies will have you in tears.