Things in life that make you warm inside, physically and emotionally.
  1. A good cup of coffee
    Ideally someone will make or had made that cup of coffee for you. Just as you like it. 📷 @Farm and Fisherman Tavern & Market
  2. A really great concert.
    The type of great show that makes you want to go home, put their album on, and re-imagine everything you just experienced in sight and sound. 📷 Beirut @ The Tower Theater in Philadelphia, PA
  3. An inside joke that lasts beyond time
    Not a month or a year goes by where you can't slip the inside joke back into conversation or a random text.
  4. A phone call from a distant friend
    You always pick up right where you left off. Literally fuel for your heart and soul.
  5. When the karaoke bar is empty except for you and your friends.
    800 miles from home, we hosted a friends giving. We went to Karaoke at The Barbary thanksgiving night. I sang nine songs in two hours. 📷 The Barbary in Philadelphia, PA
  6. A really beautiful sunrise.
    📷 Ben Franklin Bridge Sunrise run
  7. A really beautiful sunset.
    It's nice to end the day, as lovely as it starts.📷 Fishtown, Philadelphia, Pa
  8. Travel, travel, travel
    This life is to short to stay in one place. Get out and explore. 📷Antigua, Guatemala
  9. Celebrating adult birthdays like children.
    Batting cages and mini golf anyone? If you aren't able to have a photo prop, you probably aren't having a good time.
  10. Dagney, a.k.a. Dags, a.k.a. Queen D
    My pit mix rescue who's as nosy as she is lovable. She has a nack for dismembering her furry animal toys and puking the arm up later. . . She's great!
  11. Glow sticks. Preferably lots of them. Even in the shape of glasses.