This is a list of what's going through my head while eating the Gouda Grilled Cheese at The Queens Kickshaw. It. Was. AMAZINGG
  1. Well, this looks good. Here goes nothing.
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  2. Alright here it goes. I don't think I've had black bean hummus before. Wait. I thought hummus was made from chickpeas. This is probably more of a black bean paste.
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  4. Why is there a fork on my plate? Is it made of cheese?
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  5. I can't feel my face when I eat you
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  6. You should really try this grilled cheese. It's the best I've ever eaten
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  7. Guys, me and Gouda are moving in together
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  8. SHUT IT. Don't talk to me while I'm dying of happiness
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  9. Shit, I forgot to call out of work today.
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