I was always wanting to grow up as a child. I didn't have the Peter Pan syndrome like I do now. Luckily, I had good friends that would pretend with me and we played some pretty odd games.
  1. Tornado
    Basically a reinactment of the critically-acclaimed film, "Twister", this could only be played on stormy days.
  2. High School
    Backpacks, homework, and boyfriends.
  3. College
    Backpacks, homework, boyfriends, sunglasses, and apartments.
  4. Driving
    We created a mini road system in our cul-de-sac with chalk and "drove" our bikes. We even made the blinker sound with our tongues.
  5. Pioneers
    This was a dramatic game, complete with deaths, long dresses, and a wagon we pulled baby dolls in around and around the yard.
  6. Work
    We pretended to be stressed out in ambiguous desk jobs.
  7. Post Office
    Enough said.
  8. House
  9. House, danger edition
    We would play normal house and then imaginary bad guys would chase us and we would have to hide in a homemade fort. Very disturbing.
  10. Hospital
    We performed doll surgeries mostly.