The *best* Feeling

A list of some of the times when I think to myself, "this is the best feeling."
  1. Brushing your teeth after they feel like sweaters
  2. Showering after camping
  3. Finishing all of your finals and going home for Christmas
  4. Letting your hair down after a day of wearing it up
  5. Having a clean bathroom
  6. Laying in clean sheets
  7. Skinny dipping, especially at night.
  8. Knowing you have leftovers to eat for lunch
  9. Finally going pee after having to hold it way too long
  10. Finding your credit card in your purse when you thought you'd left it at the store where you last shopped
  11. Waking up in the morning and realizing you've still got an hour more to sleep
  12. Hearing a song on the radio at the exact moment you wanted to hear it
  13. Knowing you can keep going after a season finale because you are watching the series on Netflix
  14. Having the freedom to go to the bathroom with the door open if you want to
  15. Leaving the salon with a fresh haircut
  16. Getting off work on Friday with the freedom to DO WHATEVER YOU WANT.