Why I am in love with Josh Lyman, Deputy Chief of Staff

The West Wing's Josh Lyman is my soulmate. It took me long to find him, but now that I've found him I will never let him go. He even occupies my dreams.
  1. His hilarious wit isn't affected by any amount of stress.
  2. His delivery of one-liners is perfect and sexy.
  3. His crazy hair only gets crazier as the day wears on.
  4. He IS the sharpest tool in the shed.
  5. He won't back down in a fight.
  6. He says cute things like, "I can't help it. I'm bewitched. I'm ensorcled."
  7. He sends flowers and gives thoughtful old-timey books. Granted, they are given to Donna, but he doesn't know me. Yet.
  8. His dimples.
  9. He wears professional trench coats like a boss.
  10. Basically everything.