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  1. Domnhall Gleeson
    So I loved him in About Time, one of my favorite movies of romantic fluff. I also really pitied him after getting duped and dumped in Brooklyn, in all his cute, Irish 1950's glory
  2. John Cho
    This dude has charm, pizzazz, and is super good looking. Why has he not been in a rom com yet?
  3. Oscar Isaac
    The guy has been tackling drama films a lot, which I appreciate and applaud him for. But, I would really love to see him and Gina Rodriguez in romance about the life of a boxer (obviously Gina).
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  1. Heathers Halloween
    I absolutely loved this costume, especially since I got to wear all yellow which is my favorite color. I was also in a suburban neighborhood snatchin' up full size candy bars which gave me the feeling of entitlement for a night.
  2. Angry Rants about Pancakes
    I was forced to take a photo with these terrified pancake man after having breakfast at Denny's. This weird pancake man is not my pal.
  3. Buzzfeed Stories
    I found this "article" about this lady who took pics of her animals with the puppy filter. This hedgehog looks so cute!
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Target is my favorite place to spend a couple of hours and a lot of money buying unnecessary things
  1. Pepperoni
    This is my go to snack, which is totally unhealthy but i love these greasy bastards
  2. Movies
    Not any movie though, just the $5 movies that end up being classic favorites of mine like Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Ghostbusters
  3. Books
    As much as I love Barnes and Noble, I can always find a book that's less than $15 which is a great deal to me
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  1. I'm an idiot
    So i was talking to my friend about people getting friend's last names wrong and not correcting it over the course of about a year. She made a comment about the human race and i made a mistake
  2. I recently watched space jam for the first time
  3. Making improvements
    A pal of mine who i met on tinder enjoys making fun of fuckboys on tinder, and their so called swagger. Makes for a good bonding experience
I'm 16 years old and have no idea what I'm doing, and I certainly won't know the answers all of a sudden when I become an "adult" at 18
  1. 1.
    I have to apply to college
    I am a hot mess. So how the hell do you think I'm gonna convince colleges that I am a catch, and I am the perfect candidate for their college. I've barely been able to do that with friends and the little amount of romantic interests I've had so far in life, how am I going to do that with exhausted admission counselors dealing with the same applicants over and over again?
  2. 2.
    Somehow being accepted into college
    Somehow I have to figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life, when I was told to not worry about that stuff for half of my high school career. That's a lot of pressure to shove onto a lazy teenager, especially when i can barely complete a good essay ahead of time.
  3. 3.
    Exiting my comfort zone
    I have just gotten used to the majority of my class at this point, with a lot of girls who just pop up with me thinking "who the hell is this and when did she transfer here?". So I'm not really excited to think that I have to deal with an even larger group of strangers, who will be less prone to accept or ignore my rude and aggressive tendencies.
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