Men who should be leads in romance films or rom coms

  1. Domnhall Gleeson
    So I loved him in About Time, one of my favorite movies of romantic fluff. I also really pitied him after getting duped and dumped in Brooklyn, in all his cute, Irish 1950's glory
  2. John Cho
    This dude has charm, pizzazz, and is super good looking. Why has he not been in a rom com yet?
  3. Oscar Isaac
    The guy has been tackling drama films a lot, which I appreciate and applaud him for. But, I would really love to see him and Gina Rodriguez in romance about the life of a boxer (obviously Gina).
  4. Ezra Miller
    I can easily see him in some sort of artsy indie love story where he's some sort of misunderstood photographer or something
  5. Aziz Ansari
    He would make such an endearing, adorable and super cool romantic lead. Plus he's funny as hell
  6. Ben Schwartz
    He would make the oddest romantic lead, but I stand by this choice fully