Target is my favorite place to spend a couple of hours and a lot of money buying unnecessary things
  1. Pepperoni
    This is my go to snack, which is totally unhealthy but i love these greasy bastards
  2. Movies
    Not any movie though, just the $5 movies that end up being classic favorites of mine like Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Ghostbusters
  3. Books
    As much as I love Barnes and Noble, I can always find a book that's less than $15 which is a great deal to me
  4. Stationary
    Do I really need more pens or another journal? No but I am gonna buy another anyways! I love pretty pens and the concept of neatly decorating journals to plan out my life.
  5. Pajamas
    Their pajama sets are the cutest!! I am constantly wearing pajama shirts out and about