No rankings but just shows I have always enjoyed
  1. I Love Lucy
    The original Fab Four. Comedic geniuses, incredible writing. A show that can always deliver a laugh.
  2. Get Smart
    Don Adams delivers as Agent 86. Great chemistry with Barbara Feldon's agent 99. First two seasons under story editor Buck Henry are as good as it gets. Ed Platt stellar in the role of the Chief. Brilliant writing.
  3. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
    Great lead with an ensemble that always delivered. Show continued to grow, tried new things.
  4. Taxi
    Ensemble with incredible characters. Fits the era of its time.
  5. Cheers
    Always hit the right note. Show always kept a good perspective. Unique in its setting. Tremendous character development
  6. The West Wing
    A unique look at the office of the presidency through the eyes of the workers in the office. Season 2 by far my favorite. Superb cast.
  7. NYPD Blue
    On the cutting edge, an intense show with acting and writing that delivers. The character of Andy Sipowicz is one of the top characters in television history.
  8. How I Met Your Mother
    Ensemble with a heart. At its best when the group is together.
  9. Seinfeld
    So many incredible episodes. Observation of the many nuances of life. Creates so many conversations.
  10. Modern Family
    Fits today's era. Ensemble. Gifted cast that makes it look effortless. Comedy with a lot of heart.
  11. The Americans
    Compelling, riveting, suspenseful, real. Twists and turns. Great chemistry between the two leads with a stellar supporting cast. Best drama on TV right now.
  12. Breaking Bad
    Ironically I am still finishing this show right now but my wife and I were hooked from episode one. Easy to binge watch
  13. The Big Bang Theory
    Brilliant writing. Characters you genuinely care about. Talented ensemble.