Currently in an uber from Outer Sunset SF to Oakland and I'm pretty sure my driver is having a bad day...
  1. "This f***ing idiot!"
    He says as we pull out from my driveway, he's cursing my landlord whose patiently waiting for us to leave the driveway.
  2. "My GPS says an hour, f*** that shit"
    There's a lot of traffic on the bridge
  3. "What kind of music do you like?"
    Me: "I'm pretty much open to anything" him: "good, because my music is f***ing awesome"
  4. "So, are you going to hang out with friends?"
    Me: "yep" him: "I used to have friends" me: "..."
  5. "I don't want you in my front seat "
    After he slams his breaks, realizing he's not going to make the yellow light.
  6. "When the lady tells me that I'm approved for rent control, she's gonna be one hot, sexy lady. She's a 4 right now but once she says those words, she'll be a 9"
    I have no idea how this even came up... But living in SF is definitely not cheap.
  7. "There's hella traffic"
  8. "You gotta be aggressive in San Francisco, they give us nothin!"