the ones that are still missing...
  1. Grow old with you.
    Still in progress...
  2. See a whale. A free one.
    Swim with a whale shark
  3. Go to Rome
    Don't leave without seeing The Pieta
  4. Go to Jerusalem
    All three Jerusalems ✡️✝️☪
  5. Go to the Serengheti and see Kilimanjaro
  6. Go to Machu Pichu
  7. Go to China
  8. Go to Japan
  9. Jump from an airplane
  10. Go to Nepal and see Everest
  11. Go to Egypt
    Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan
  12. Go to India and swim in the Ganges
    Punjab Amristar. Delhi. Taj Mahal.
  13. Go to El Cobre
  14. See the Rolling Stones
  15. See U2 with my friends
  16. See Carlos Varela
  17. Ride a bike up The Alps. Or down 🚵
  18. Scooba Diving
  19. Go to Thailand
  20. Have a beer in Ireland
  21. Ride a motorcycle
  22. Jump off of an airplane
  23. Surprise lunch more than 1000 miles away
  24. Have a baby. Or 4.
  25. Own a bookstore
  26. DONE: See Paul McCartney
    Feels like Yesterday.
  27. DONE: Go to Paris again. And again. And again...
    One out of...
  28. DONE: Have a puppy with you
    Cooper, the noblest hearted puppy in the world.