Exercise from Jack Canfields book. The Success Principles
  1. I want to create a movement Celebrating Manhood
  2. I want to live in different places throughout the year
  3. I want to visit Norris in Vancouver
  4. I want to visit Vietnam
  5. I want to visit Australia
  6. I want to visit Europe
  7. I want a new car
  8. I want a motorbike
  9. I want a motorhome
  10. I want to live and eat healthy
  11. I want to walk everyday
  12. I want to dance at my son's wedding
  13. I want to enjoy my grandchildren when I have them
  14. I want to see Gregory accept his Journalism degree
  15. I want new office furniture
  16. I want an Apple watch
  17. I want to see Eastern Canada
  18. I want to see Eastern Usa
  19. I want to start a foundation to fund life coaching for Excon's
  20. I want to improve my sketch noting skills
  21. I want to refresh my iMac
  22. I want a new MacBook
  23. I want to visit Nepal
  24. I want to visit Hawaii
  25. I want to charter Private Jet
  26. I want to create a foundation to support entrepreneurs to open their first business
  27. I want to visit Big Dave in Montana
  28. I want to drive across Canada
  29. I want to drive across USA
  30. I want to write and publish 10 new books