Still can't believe Lindsay Lohan doesn't have a twin.
  1. 9.
    Don't even love to hate her. Just hate her. Seriously no redeeming qualities other than fashion sense and lipstick choice. Rude, selfish, gold digging human garbage. Sammy is only on this list to bump Meredith further down
  2. 8.
    I love dogs but Sammy is kind of a dick. Like, I get it, you noticed that Hallie wasn't Hallie before anyone else but GOd be nice, you mangy mutt. You could at least try to warm up to Annie.
  3. 7.
    Honestly Dennis Quaid is super charming in this movie and seems like a cool dad. Love how dorky and nervous he gets looking for Liz in the hotel. But you KNOW why you're this low on the list. MFING MEREDITH. What were you thinking?? Sure she's hot but DUDE. What did you have in common? PLUS when she pulled out that bell for Chessy she shoulda been OUT THE FUCKING DOOR AND YOU KNOW IT. Nice job hopping the plane to get the girl though. Big romantic gesture 10/10. Keep loving your kids bro.
  4. 6.
    The sweet doting grandfather I wish I had! He catches Hallie in her scheme, but is super chill about it. He's just like, "yo, estranged grandchild, happy you're here, but tell the truth, k? " Also seems super cool about his daughter going back to Nick. Guess he sees the best in people? Here for it.
  5. 5.
    I think I related to Hallie more when I was a kid, probably because of her effortless tomboy coolness thing. But she was a real bitch when Annie reached out for help. Like SORRY MOM'S SO COOL I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR PROBLEMS. Take some responsibility for your crummy parent and use some of those sick pranking skills to help burn the witch. You came around though so here you are. Also the way she cries when she hugs her mom for the first time? Heart melting.
  6. 4.
    Sorry Hal, Annie is the cooler twin. She's classy as fuck and bilingual (although I guess it's not Hallie's fault she was raised in America) but she certainly doesn't pull any punches when it comes to fucking with Dad's new baby bottle pop. Also ballsy as hell because she let an 11 year old she just met cut her hair and pierce her ears. Hallie def. got the better deal, but Annie handled her lot like a champ.
  7. 3.
    A beautiful wonderful queen. Elegant af but still maybe the first or only woman in a Disney movie to get intentionally drunk?? To deal with seeing her ex? Thanks for being ultra relatable and unattainable all at the same time. Hallie and Annie DEF got their scheming from her. Sending Meredith in her place on the camping trip? Classic. You naughty girl.
  8. 2.
    Tied for first with Martin, tbh. It's a sin that Annie doesn't eat her food because just looking those chocolate chip pancakes make me drool every time. She's maternal and genuine but tough as nails. She's a grown ass woman who is happily complicit it this parent trap and I firmly believe that if Annie and Hallie hadn't hatched a plan, Chessy would have stepped in and eaten Meredith alive. (P.s. Did you even know her name was Chessy not Jessie? I didn't. Thanks IMDB.)
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    This precious butler/sommelier proudly does an elaborate secret handshake with an 11 year old who is not his offspring in public. He gives excellent fashion advice to his beautiful employer ("you'll killlll in it") also has excellent personal style. The leather jacket and aviators for San Fran? THE SPEEDO?