Decorations in My Cubicle

I work out at Kennedy Space Center, in case you wondered about the rockets.
  1. My pin collection
    Launch Services has given me a pin for each mission that has launched since I started working here (some are from when I was an intern years ago). I also have NASA, Commercial Crew, ISS(x2), LSP, Shuttle, EFT-1, and some others. They live on my cube wall.
  2. Green!
    A little succulent my mom bought for me. Doesn't really need sunlight and only needs watering like every 2 weeks. I haven't killed it yet 👍🏻
  3. A paper crane
    I folded this when I was brand new and didn't have enough work to do. It hangs by a paperclip I unfolded and taped to the bottom of a shelf
  4. Orion
    Paper model of Orion that I assembled shortly before the EFT-1 launch
  5. Saturn V & launch photos
    Her Majesty the Saturn V needs some representation. Unfortunately the only thing I found in the exchange was this poster that is titled in Comic Sans. The launch photos are our 2 most recent, SMAP and MMS (a Delta II and Atlas V, respectively)
  6. Great Gatsbys
    An amazing birthday present from a friend a few years ago. My dad thinks I will get in trouble because it says "Fuck the Jazz age". I don't think anyone other than me has read it.
  7. Family
    My little brother's portrait and a couple photo strips from our local Buddy Walk in 2014 with my mom, sister, and brother.
  8. Bruddah
    An old photo strip from a day many summers ago when I took Jack to the movies (we saw Epic) and played in the arcade and took pictures in the photo booth after. It was a really good day for both of us.
  9. Siblings
    My sister, brother, and me. Another old picture but still a good one. Makes me smile.
  10. Spider-man
    A friend bought me this at a convention because he knows I love Spider-man. He inscribed a letter on the back that's honestly a little depressing to read now because life took a very different turn than he expected at the time.
  11. A photocopy of my brother's hand signing "I love you"
    My mom sent this to me in a care package when I was still in college. It's simple but special.
  12. Snowflakes
    I still have 6 sparkly snowflake ornaments pinned on my cube walls. They're pretty and I like to pretend the cool days aren't over.
  13. Assorted goods
    A Mars travel magnet (part of NASA's #journeytomars campaign) a light-up Space Shuttle magnet, and a T.S. Eliot quote that's really important to me, particularly in the context of NASA and Space Exploration.