I just don't get you, man...
  1. "The crust is the best part of the pie"
    Dark is the day that have a piece of pie crust on my plate with no filling to pair it with. Very dark.
  2. "I hate musical theater"
    ...have you ever listened to musical theater? It's so diverse. That's a pretty shocking blanket statement tbh
  3. "I don't really like dogs."
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    I'm not unreasonable. You're allowed to not want to own a dog of your own for various reasons. But to just not like the creatures? Why?
  4. "I didn't enjoy Pacific Rim"
  5. "I haven't read Harry Potter. I've seen the movies though"
    Negative points x10000000 If you say you're too old to enjoy them ☹️
  6. "I'm a Fox News fanatic."
    A coworker actually said these exact words to me once.
  7. "I don't enjoy breakfast food"
    Leslie Knopeing it up in here.