If you haven't already, read the books and share in my disappointment
    he said calmly. While slamming a 14 year old into a cabinet. Just getting this one out of the way.
  2. Durmstrang and Beauxbatons being gender specific schools
    For one, they boxed all of these students into such ridiculous traditional gender roles. Men are sullen and tough and bang their chests with their fists! Girls wear dainty skirts and high heels and sigh and butterflies come out of their asses! And perhaps more disappointing is the unfortunate implication that the only reason there was a female champion is because she didn't have any boys to compete with in her school.
  3. Hungarian Horntail chases 14 year old around school campus. Spectators wait patiently for boy + dragon to return to arena
    You're telling me the special dragon handlers they brought the dragons in with restrained them with chains that were breakable with a good tug? And that nobody intervened at that point though none of the other contestants had to face an unshackled LIZARD MONSTER?? No. CHARLIE WEASLEY WOULD NEVER ALLOW THIS. Painfully obvious that this scene was only written this way to add some extra excitement. I am disappoint.
  4. Barty Crouch (BC)
    So after the second task, BC congratulates Harry and then Moody(!) pops up and does his little BC Jr. tongue flick tell, which freaks out BC Sr. Next thing you know, Harry's walking through the forest and he finds BC's body!!! That is presumably dead!! But it is literally NEVER mentioned. Harry looks at the body curiously and then it cuts to the next apparently unrelated scene.
  5. Harry's meeting in Dumbledore's office
    This happens immediately after Harry finds Crouch dead(?). Harry apparently found a dead body, went and changed his clothes, and then went to the headmaster's office. Was he summoned? Is he there to explain that he found a dead body on school grounds? Who knows! Because Dumbledore, Fudge, and Moody leave as soon as Harry arrives and when Dumbledore comes back and pulls Harry out of the pensieve he gives him some vague advice and sends him away. No mention of dead body.
  6. Dumbledore's "Dark and difficult times lie ahead" speech
    Dumbledore reminds Harry that he is not alone, which is rich since Dumbledore spends the next year making Harry feel more alone than he ever has. This doesn't happen in the book. Although Dumbledore does give Harry a beautiful speech about how if he thought delaying the pain of what happened would help, he would put Harry in a dreamless sleep and not ask him a thing, but he knows better than that and he must ask Harry, once again, be braver than is fair to ask. Should have used that one instead.