Welcome to real problems land
  1. I have one of those pimples that you can't get rid of but hurts like hell
    Bonus: it's on my septum barely inside my left nostril. LOL it makes me want to die knowing that pimples happen for your entire life.
  2. I'm tired.
    Uncharted 4 came out today so I had to stay up till midnight last night and start it as soon as my preload unlocked.
  3. I wish I was more tired, somehow.
    I tried to be good so today was more bearable so I only played 1.5 hours of uncharted last night. It was so beautiful and I'm so excited and I wish I had played more.
  4. Work is long
    And since I'm being pulled off my day job for half of the day to work on a proposal I'm basically working two jobs that I have to commute between. And unfortunately both jobs are important so I couldn't skip work to play video games like a real adult.
  5. I still haven't seen Captain America: Civil War a second time
    It was a religious experience and I need to see it again but I don't know when to go because I have WORK and UNCHARTED!!!