Watney the Boston Terrier: From Birth to 7 Months

Here, have 18 pictures of my puppy.
  1. Newborn
    These pictures were posted on the breeders website and so I emailed her and was like "Hi, um, please tell me nobody has reserved him yet because I want."
  2. Almost 3 weeks
    The breeder texted me this picture and the next and said "here he is fat and chunky mom is doing a great job!"
  3. His nose is starting to turn black! I could not stop laughing when I saw this picture. He looks SO disgruntled and I knew we were destined to be pals.
  4. 3 weeks
    Only a few days difference from the previous pictures. She texted me those right after I put a deposit down on the pup. These were considered "milestone pictures" at 3 weeks. Not so great at holding his head up on his own or using his limbs.
  5. 6 weeks
    The next set of milestone pictures! It was torture to have to wait three weeks to get new pictures though. I was going crazy
  6. Another picture I laughed my ass off about. I got a good feeling about this dog
  7. Just shy of 8 weeks
    This picture is me right outside the breeder's house when I met him for the first time. I was more excited than he was
  8. 9 weeks
    Ears still floppy. He prefers sitting on soft things, so my mom gave him a pillow to sit on in the kitchen.
  9. 2.5 months
    One ear flops forward, one flops back
  10. 3 mo.
    Only the black ear still needs to perk up and he just has that tiny stripe of pink left on his nose
  11. 3.5 mo.
    The vet took pictures of us to go with an article she was writing for Valentine's Day called "puppy love" (my vet is obsessed with Watney.)
  12. 4 mo.
    If he runs around too much outside he overheats and throws up and then has to lie on the cool kitchen tile for a while.
  13. 4.5 mo.
    Poses for pictures sometimes
  14. 5 mo.
    He loves lying in the sun
  15. 5.25 mo.
    He also loves lying in the grass
  16. 5.5 mo.
    So handsome!
  17. 6 mo.
    Very sad day. Apparently he was more attached to his balls than I thought. Look where they shaved his little legs!! 😞😞
  18. Today! (7mo.)
    He likes sitting behind me on the back of the chair. He is still very cute.