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When we upgraded our old 80's van for a futuristic 90's van with a built-in movie player that would only play VHS tapes and AUTOMATIC SLIDING DOORS(!!!), here are the favorites we would play and replay on road trips:
  1. Ocean's 11
    Obvi still a top 10 favorite movie. Who doesn't like a good heist? Or Clooney, Pitt, and baby Damon?
  2. Anastasia
    Definitely one of the first sexual awakenings for me as a kid. Damn Dimitri. Cultivating bad boys since '97.
  3. O Brother Where Art Thou
    Still a favorite! And still bitter we never made the cut for kids auditions since historically, a couple rando Asian kids would have looked out of place #whitewashing #Mississippi #not surprised #wham bam Clooney fam
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Am I doing @thelistapp right?
  1. One degree of Bacon.. screenshot featuring Felicia Day
  2. A Jamie butt
  3. Terrifying face swap of my friend with her cat Rubio
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When you try to explain how the "mirror" works..
  1. You have to admit, my grandma makes an adorable cat.
  2. New set!
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