Binge watch while breastfeeding!

Is it wrong that part of the reason I miss breastfeeding is my solid tv binge time? (And yes we bonded too, duh. There's also nothing wrong with my infant learning about the best shows to watch!)
  1. The Mindy Project! @mindy
    I love love love Mindy and she's obv my best friend even though everyone else thinks so too. Espesh loved watching the season when Mindy is preg with Leo!
  2. Louis
    Every episode makes me love Louis more and more. Like he's actually kind of hot in a weird ging, dad, hilarious kind of way.
  3. Arrested Development
    My fam isn't the only crazy (or funny) one!
  4. Friday Night Lights
    Coach Taylor? Riggins? Need I say more? Oh yes. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.
  5. Transparent
    I guess I'm a big Jeffry Tambor fan for watching two of his shows at the same time!
  6. Grace and Frankie
    I want to move into their house and be their best friend!