A Really Weird Racist Thing Teachers Used to Make White Kids Do

I least I hope they don't do it anymore.
  1. When I was in elementary school we used to have to sing a song in music class that goes like this:
  2. 🎶Gonna jump down, spin around/Pick a bale of cotton/Gonna jump down, spin around/Pick a bale a day/Oh lordy, pick a bale of cotton/Pick a bale a day🎶
  3. We had little moves to go with it and everything.
  4. It wasn't until into my 20s that the song got caught in my head one day and I thought "waaaaiiit a minute..."
  5. Super racist, right?
  6. And I really don't remember any history lesson behind it. To us, it was just some song we were singing.
  7. It makes me so uncomfortable thinking about it.
  8. Everyone in my class was white. The teachers were all white.
  9. I think having a black student or two would have been worse because they would've been like:
  10. Sooo...who thought this was OK?