1. Mr./Mrs. Cool calm and collective
    This guy can let everything go right off his/her back and that's why like them...and also hate them
  2. The "hip" friend
    This is by far the most interesting friend you have. They are wearing chacos one day and rain boots on a dry summer day the next, maybe throw a garbage bag in there too.
  3. I could date anyone I wanted friend
    They walk with a distinctive strut of confidence and think they are the best thing on planet earth. Any person that walks by the future mr or mrs yet when it comes down to it, they are a big puss.
  4. I don't care about anything friend
    Ask them anything and you will get the same answer...I promise.
  5. The angry, stressed, depressed, and in there feelings all the time friend
    Yeahhh, not gonna go into the this one