Bow down.
  1. You're a fine piece of real estate, and I'm gonna get me some land
    I'm Gonna Getcha Good!
  2. Ok, so you're Brad Pitt. That don't impress me much.
    That Don't Impress Me Much
  3. Honey, I'm home and I had a hard day Pour me a cold one and oh, by the way Rub my feet, gimme something to eat Fix me up my favorite treat Honey, I'm back, my head's killing me I need to relax and watch TV Get off the phone-give the dog a bone Hey! Hey! Honey, I'm home!
    Honey, I'm Home!
  4. Even something as simple as Forgettin' to fill up on gas There ain't no explanation why-- things like that can make you cry Just gotta learn to have a laugh
  5. Any man of mine better be proud of me, even when I'm ugly, he still better love me
    Any Man Of Mine