1. The state birthday is February 14th
  2. QT
    I know it's in other states but I never experienced it until AZ.
  3. Monsoon season
  4. Spring training
    It is the most perfect month of the year.
  5. The ability to comfortably sit outside in leggings and a tank top in the middle of the night in October to watch the rain
  6. The drive-in is always an option
  7. You can see the entire sky because the mountains are either small or far away
  8. And the sunsets are always UNREAL
  9. Even though the mountains are far away, they are easy to get to and you always feel like you're discovering secret AZ when you're there because it's so green and cool
  10. Phoenix is a big enough city that both major and small artists perform here but the shows aren't as expensive as LA
  11. Frank Lloyd Wright
  12. The freeways are beautiful
    It's weird but true.