So many people around the country have these stereotypes in their head about New Jersey that are completely wrong. Thanks "Jersey Shore."
  1. We all have a New York accent.
    False. Obviously, as you go farther North you'll encounter more and more people with a stereotypical New York accent, but most of us here in central/south Jersey have what I call a Philly accent. Basically we talk normal except we say our "O's" really weird. Most of us do, however, talkreallyfastsoitsoundslikewe'renotputtingspacesinbetweenourwords and mumble to varying degrees.
  2. New Jersey is an industrial wasteland.
    In reality most of New Jersey is beautiful (it's called the Garden State for a reason). Aside from 80+ miles of picturesque beaches, there's also the Pine Barrens, a massive state forest and home to the Jersey Devil, the Delaware Water Gap for hikers and outdoors people, and tons and tons and tons of farmland. Where else do you think we grow our delicious tomatoes and corn?
  3. New Jerseyans are loud and rude.
    Loud, maybe. Rude, no way. Just like everywhere else in the good old USA most of us are perfectly polite.
  4. We're NYC's little brother.
    Okay, so maybe we don't have a major metropolitan area on the scale of the big city, but by no means do we lack in places to have fun. Hoboken is hipster heaven, Atlantic City is a gambler's paradise, and the recent revival of Asbury Park has gifted us residents with yet another town to enjoy great food, cool bars, and tons of live music. By the way, we take offense to that title.
  5. We're proud of where we come from.
    Alright, so this one is true, but who wouldn't be proud to call the land of Bruce Springsteen, delicious pizza, summers down the shore, and so many other wonderful things home? I sure am.