These may be mundane to some, but to me they were awesome. This list will be continuously updated...
  1. Zip lined through the forest in the Dominican Republic
  2. Rode a horse through that same forest in the Dominican Republic
    It was terrifying
  3. Went snorkeling off of a catamaran boat in the Dominican Republic
    That whole trip was amazing, really
  4. Learned to ride a bike
    A staple childhood milestone
  5. Climbed many mountains
    It's hard to find big ones on the East coast, but I've seen some amazing views
  6. Camped solo in the Pocono mountains wilderness
    And was visited by some sort of large creature in the middle of the night
  7. Performed "Juicy" by Notorious B.I.G. at a karaoke bar
    I felt like a superstar
  8. Took on some epic waves on a wave runner on the largest lake in Maine
    And promptly turned back to shore. I thought I was going to drown
  9. Music festivals. Tons of them
    Every one just as fun as the last
  10. Stood 3 feet away from a team of horses in the Outer Banks
    Google tells me they're called a team. You learn things
  11. Won the spelling bee in 5th grade
    My proudest accomplishment
  12. Cliff diving at the Delaware Water Gap
    Cliff penciling would be more accurate
  13. St. Patrick's Day in Montreal
    Green beer and debauchery everywhere
  14. Kayaked the Intracoastal in Florida
    Shared a kayak with an iguana
  15. Fenway Park
    I've lost count how many times, but I love that place