5 Most Remorseful Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin flavors most likely to make you question your life choices before you've even thrown away the bag.
  1. 5. Pudding Pockets
    Anything injected with sugar-glue pie filling or frosting. Dental school enrollment surged the year this flavor was introduced. (not a real fact)
  2. 4. Dusty Sphincters
    If it's in a box inside a Ziploc bag in your Nana's cupboard, it probably shouldn't be on your hangover breakfast.
  3. 3. Canadian Crack
    This is 'Merica. Keep your artificial maple flavoring in the Waffle House, where it belongs.
  4. 2. Stale As Balls
    The 4 or 5 Munchkins from Friday's office celebration that call your sad name from the kitchenette counter on Monday morning. Just. Don't.
  5. 1. Anything With Sprinkles
    Sprinkles = joy until age 11, tops. Likelihood of post-prandial shame is directly proportional to the color brightness of the frosting holding said sprinkles in place. (fact)