A running list of the better than good stuff that happen this year.
  1. 04 JAN: Finally met this chick after eight long years!
    We used to work together for many years, but fell out of touch since. (I don't really get Snapchat and the filters make me laugh. This is us doing our best RBF.)
  2. 13 JAN: Nephew #1 said my Dad and I inspired him to donate blood for the first time 💉
    We are the only 3 people in my family that does this.
  3. 21 JAN: I still dance like no one's watching
    While this realisation initially embarrassed me, I soon accepted that I was having fun nonetheless. I was taking pictures for a birthday party and the music was cool and Nephew #1 noticed me swaying and bouncing in between takes.
  4. 25 JAN: I'm a certified first aider with AED ⛑
    This means I should know what to do when the need arises. And I can do it. I will 💪🏼