I missed some pics as I was horizontal most of the weekend.
  1. 0400, Saturday
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    Copious tea and curry puffs
  2. 1400, Saturday
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    Late lunch as we slept in
  3. 1600, Saturday
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    Raw, unripe mangoes in sugar and salt for a snack
  4. 1830, Saturday
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    We interrupt this food diary for the awesome sunset. The sun moves over the year and it's setting right outside our front door.
  5. 1845, Saturday
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    Visiting cat! We don't who it owns but it seems to like us.
  6. 1000, Sunday
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    Breakfast of steamed corn, soft fish fritters and tea
  7. 1001, Sunday
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    Additional breakfast of fried banana fritters.
  8. 1400, Sunday
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    Lunch. Yup.
  9. 1600, Sunday
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    It was a beautiful day yesterday.
  10. 1900, Sunday
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    The last of the curry puffs.
  11. 1900, Sunday
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    A final sunset before we go home.
  12. 2000, Sunday
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    This is dinner. Giving up after the two-day binge.