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  1. Favourite celebrity skeletons
    It's the inside that matters.
  2. Awkward intros to Survivor's Eye of the Tiger
  3. Voices that pair
  4. Better comebacks other than "Well, you suck too!"
    This should be a real list.
  5. Times when you wished you've said/done something rather than being silent
    These haunt you. Forever.
  6. Better fried chicken that you had yesterday
    This is an eternal search. I work so that I have money hence I will pay.
  7. Liam Neeson movies in order of badassery
  8. Best jobs to watch time pass by (aka as 'Best paint dry job ever')
  9. If I were __________, I would ___________.
  10. A year from now, I would have done/completed these:
  11. A day in the life of (state your desired occupation)
  12. My recent Google searches
  13. Things I want to remain a mystery
    For example, what's in a hotdog.
  14. Things I want to know/happen in my lifetime
  15. What I think (obscure known person) is doing now
  16. When you have lemons
  17. My 7 deadly sins - Do each one
  18. Things I know for sure
  19. Things better left unknown
  20. Names of colours that sound better than the original
    Bread; better than brown?