The good kind 🏥
  1. It has been 5 years and 3 months since my last blood donation
  2. I was rejected several times in between due to lack of iron
  3. So I wasn't expecting to be accepted when I walked in today
  4. It's a spur of the moment thing. I had the time and desire.
  5. (And the nearest bloodbank is 20 minutes walk from my workplace)
  6. The questions they had me sign off were harder than immigration forms imho
  7. Logically I get them but rationally, a few are rather archaic
  8. Like men that had or having sex with other men are forbidden from donating
  9. And there's that blanket rule that no one who'd lived in the UK between 1980 and 1996 (iirc) can donate too
    Mad Cow disease in case you're wondering
  10. And sex with more than one partner or having sex 'socially' 👀
    Judging you between the lines
  11. The medical doctor that assessed me impressed me on the legalities in case I lied
  12. Um, 2 years in prison if I do
  13. And I found out too that this would be my 8th time donating blood
  14. If I passed the iron test that is 😰
  15. So I went and got nervous
  16. The pinprick was seriously the most painful in the whole process
  17. (The tiniest cut is the deepest?)
  18. And then, I passed! Iron is floweth within me!
  19. I went into the room and got even more nervous
  20. There were 3-4 other people in there too
  21. But yup, blood and um, needles
  22. (Do you know that them needles are LONG?!)
  23. But I squeezed that red heart and got the vein up and ready
  24. And yup, blood was spilt
  25. I got these other stuff too; a free meal after, a strip of iron pills and the next donation date
  26. (I interrupt this program to show you my awesome shoes)
    I'm advocating athleisure footwear in my office 💪🏼
  27. (Wait, this is a better pic)
  28. I'm still amazed at the colour and texture of blood
    This machine cradled the blood bag and weighed it
  29. I finished the whole process in 15 minutes
    Yes, I want this done 🤓
  30. But the best thing about donating blood is the dino plaster!
    They offered this pink 'i-donated-blood' strip but nope. Dino or no-no.
  31. The highlight of every trip, really
  32. I ended the whole process with the free meal: hot soy milk and chicken sandwich
  33. But my left arm still hurt. I can feel the vein move when I flex my elbow
    This feeling is familiar though. It will pass soon enough.
  34. Walking furiously for 2 km, I ended up at this French restaurant for dinner with a friend
    Worth. It.
  35. Treating myself:
  36. But, but! My dinner mate bought me this from Japan:
  38. Best. Gift. Ever.
  39. It's one of those things where you would think someone would have thought of this earlier
    *facepalm emoji*
  40. And of course ☕️ to end the dinner
  41. Blood donation still makes me nervous but I can't help but do it anyway
  42. It's a good thing, and you should do it too 🙌🏼
    If you can and able to
  43. Thanks for reading my blood letting, listers 😘