1. Whee, four-letter username!
    How often does that happen nowadays?! 🙅🏽
  2. The fuck. How come I didn't know of this?!
  3. Lists. Numerous ones. WTF.
  4. Where do I start?
  5. OK, first list up (JOBS I'VE HELD IN THE PAST). Man, I had fun in each one.
  6. Oh wait. I missed one--
  7. *edited* Phew.
  8. Now, more lists. Yay!
  9. *naps*
  10. I like how lists could be numbered or just bulleted. Less pressure.
  11. Chillax! Don't posts all the lists at the same time.
    Phase it out like luring in that feral cat.
  12. So...10 drafted lists
  13. And counting.
  14. Refreshes every page
  15. Is this the new Tumblr?
  16. Ah, so it's in closed beta for a year.
  17. So here goes this list....